Thanks for stopping by to visit our new website! Since 1993 we have been selling fruitcakes in the Franklin and Nashville area. Until now, we have advertised only by word of mouth, but we want to give more people an opportunity to learn about our cakes and order online year round. Our fruitcake is too good to be available only during the holiday season. Our cakes are all natural...NO BUTTER, MARGARINE, SHORTENING, OR COOKING OIL AND VERY LITTLE SALT. Everybody tells me it is the best fruitcake they have ever eaten!


I have made many, many friends over the years through my cakes.  Many people I have seen every year at craft sales. I know their names and recognize them. Many people have ordered by mail every year and I always look forward to hearing from them. Two special people who helped me  get started were  Mr. Bill Holley who designed my logo (he also designed Cracker Barrel’s) and Mr. John Bates of Bates Printing who printed my brochures, labels, etc. How could I ever forget them.                                           




Our homemade fruitcakes make the perfect holiday gift for your family and friends!!